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6th International conference on Myelodysplastic Syndromes, 26-28 April 2018, Mandelieu, France

14 September 2017

In 2018 the 6th International Conference on Myelodysplastic Syndromes will be organized by the European School of Haematology in Mandelieu, France. The three day conference starts on April 26 and is chaired by Prof. Pierre Feanux from Paris, Prof. Uwe Platzbecker from Dresden and Prof. Mikkael Sekeres from Cleveland. 

A diverse program has been developed containing sessions focussing on the following topics:

  • I: Etiology of MDS (chair Pierre Fenaux)
  • II: Biology of MDS: genetic abnormalities (chair Mikkael Sekeres)
  • III: Biology of MDS: stem cells and the microenvironment (chair Uwe Platzbecker)
  • IV: diagnostic workup and prognostic factors in MDS (chair Arjan van de Loosdrecht)
  • V: Specific subtypes of MDS, based on morphology and molecular biology (chair Eva Hellström-Lindberg)
  • VI: Treatment of MDS (chair Valeria Santini)

You will find more information on program and registration procedure here