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On 19th March 2021, the MDS-RIGHT consortium will hold the second multi-stakeholder meeting 'European Perspectives on MDS Patient Management'

Effective management of patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) faces numerous challenges. In May 2015, MDS-RIGHT - a European research project funded by the European Commission - started to address several of these challenges, with the aim to develop more effective and safer interventions for our elderly European citizens with anaemia and/or lower-risk MDS. The ultimate goal of the the MDS-RIGHT project is ‘Providing the right care to the right patient with MyeloDysplastic Syndrome at the right time’.  

Requirements for optimal treatment of MDS have repeatedly been discussed with end-users from different perspectives (patients, researchers, physicians and health authorities) throughout the MDS-RIGHT project. On May 3rd 2017, the first MDS-RIGHT multi-stakeholder meeting was held in Valencia, Spain in conjunction with the biannual MDS 2017 International Symposium. During this successful meeting, attended by more than 70 participants representing a wide range of MDS stakeholders (including medical specialists and nurses caring for MDS patients, MDS patient advocates, medical researchers and data managers, healthcare authorities, regulators, HTA experts and industry representatives), stakeholders agreed that substantial progress can only be achieved through increased collaboration.

Now the MDS-RIGHT is nearly completed, we would like to continue the discussions on on MDS-related challenges and solutions across Europe from the different stakeholder views and perspectives during the second MDS-RIGHT multi-stakeholder meeting ‘European Perspectives on MDS Patient
Management’ on Friday March 19th, 2021 – 14:15-17:00 CET. 

The virtual multi-stakeholder meeting will feature a distinguished group of panellists and speakers, presenting and discussing MDS-related challenges and solutions across Europe from different stakeholder perspectives. You will also hear about the progress of MDS-RIGHT and get a first-hand demonstration of the interactive European MDS guidelines. The meeting will give you the opportunity to gain new insights and to exchange your views with other MDS stakeholders. You can download the full program at the bottom of this page.

We would be delighted to welcome you to what we believe will be an insightful and inspiring exchange of views and perspectives on behalf of common goals!

Download meeting programme